Fitcamp Dumbarton


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Unlimited Sessions. £35 Per month & Couples Discount With Our Membership.

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We are still in the process of adding a booking system to our website but in the meantime you can pick a class from the Timetable page, Come along and pay on arrival.

You can find prices for each class in our timetable and on the classes page.

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About Fitcamp Dumbarton

At Fitcamp Dumbarton all of our workouts are designed to be challenging , fun and achievable . With a carefully designed mix of structure and variety, we keep you progressing, but stop you from ever being bored.We only do workouts that work. We don’t offer gimmicks or quick fixes . Our workouts are all based around “functional movements”. Picking things up, carrying them, dragging, pushing, pulling, climbing, jumping, throwing, etc, all movements the human body is meant to do. The workouts will not be easy, but they will give you real world strength and fitness. At Fitcamp Dumbarton we will not tie our members into unreasonable contracts. So come along and remember you don’t need to be fit to join, you join to become fit .